Types of Sugar for Baking

Every pastry recipe calls for a different type of sugar – white sugar, brown sugar, confectioners’ sugar. If they are all sugar, what’s the difference? Sugar is not only a sweetener, but it also plays a role in the development of taste, texture and appearance of baked goods. We will review some of the common types of sugar for baking.

Common Types of Sugar

White Sugar/Granulated Sugar: The sugar that most of us are used to baking with. This is your staple. It helps in aerating batters and doughs. Also it helps cookies spread and also adds a crisp texture.

Granulated Sugar

Brown Sugar: Because brown sugar is the combination of white sugar and molasses, it contains more moisture and flavour. It adds caramel flavour and golden brown color to cookies, muffins and cakes. It can be substituted from white sugar. However, the taste and look of the recipes will slightly differ.

Brown Sugar

Powdered Sugar: Also called Confectioners’ or icing sugar, is granulated sugar ground into fine powder. It is ideal for frosting, icing and other decorations as it easily dissolves into a smooth uniform mixture.

Powdered Sugar

Superfine Sugar: Also called castor or caster sugar, is granulated sugar processed to make smaller crystals. This when used yields light and tender cakes.

Superfine Sugar

Note: Molasses, honey and maple syrup can also be used as a sweetening alternative.

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